For customer-focused people who are:

  • Customer Support managers
  • Customer Support agents
  • Customer Success managers
  • Product managers

New for 2014! We’re having not one but two tracks of talks: one for customer support & success topics and another for product management.

Why you should come to UserConf

UserConf is the only conference of its kind, built to bring education and insight to people working in customer support, customer success & product management at the world's best, or soon to be best, online products, services and marketplaces.

We searched high and low for an event that addressed the kind of user-facing challenges that next generation businesses like us were running into every day. Issues like how to scale & optimize customer support (without losing our humanity) or how to make sense of mountains of behavior and qualitative customer feedback to build the best product possible.

We also wanted an event that felt like a reunion of your best, and smartest, friends. An event that focused more on war stories and lessons learned from our peers rather than "advice" from "gurus". An event with sponsors you actually wanted to learn more about. An event that was as fun and irreverent as we are.

We couldn't find that event... so we started UserConf.


The juiciest lessons learned, from smartest people, at the best companies on the web.


All delivered in a rapid-fire format (longest talks are 20 mins) that'll keep even the strongest ADD at bay.

Customer Support & Success

  • Scaling support: Reading between the numbers.

    Mike Krapf, Chief Happiness Officer, WooThemes

  • Onboarding and training for awesomeness.

    Carolyn Breit, Manager, Sprout Social

  • Bridging the gap: Improving communication between Product Development and Support.

    Mercer Smith, Customer Champ, Wistia

  • Coaching users: customer support for motivation and engagement.

    Bernadette Forward, Curriculum Specialist, Voxy

  • How we created the Product Management Awesomeness Counsel.

    Vincent Migliore, Technical Support Manager, Pardot

  • Keeping the community’s voice heard during major product changes.

    Greg Healy, Community Support Specialist, Soundcloud

  • Show them you care: designing a helpful help center.

    Aaron Franklin, Community Operations, Pinterest

  • Dealing with a Combative User.

    Dennis Hong, Happiness Engineer, Automattic

  • Avant-Support.

    Katie Needs & Natalie Ung, Community Support Specialist, Kickstarter

  • The Holey Trinity: Scripture on the communication between users, product, and your support team.

    Zsofi Goreczky & David Hooker, Support Operations Manager, Prezi

  • Winning Support: The Goals of a successful Support team.

    Alex Mozes, Director of Customer Support, Udemy

  • What Pulp Fiction taught me about avoiding burnout.

    Robert Kranzke, Support Ops, CoSupport

  • The (Near) Future of what we do: Agile Support, & (Customer) Data-driven Product Roadmaps.

    Richard White, Founder & CEO, UserVoice

  • Sarah’s Empowering Talk.

    Sarah Hatter, Founder & CEO, CoSupport

Product Manager

  • Help yourself: Empowering users through self-help.

    Jonas Lévesque, Product, Shopify

  • Where customer support meets product strategy.

    Des Traynor, Co-founder & VP Customer Success, Intercom

  • Objectively diagnosing churn.

    Joe Stump, CPO/Co-founder, Quickleft/Sprintly

  • Refining the feedback loop: Using customer feedback to build better products.

    Nickey Skarstad, Product Manager, Etsy

  • Turn down for what? Dialing into your customers builds great products.

    Matt Bilotti, Product Specialist, HubSpot

  • From Zero to Hero: How Can Product Managers and Engineers Become Customer Success Champions in 3 Months.

    Natalia Baryshnikova, Product Manager, SmartRecruiters

  • Moving out of the Ivory Tower and into Servant’s Quarters.

    Mike Gozzo, Product Management, Radialpoint

  • Measure or Die: Using A/B testing to determine success or failure a feature.

    Neil McCarthy, Director of Product, Yammer

  • Roadmap transparency without the headaches.

    Janna Bastow, Co-founder, ProdPad

  • Being Data-Informed, Not Data-Driven: Balancing design & qualitative feedback with quantitative A/B testing.

    Dwight Crow, Product Manager, Facebook

  • Bringing Product Direction into your Customer Support.

    Ali Rayl, Director of Quality and Support, Slack

  • Shut up and Take My Money.

    Dave Parrish, Product Manager, Atlassian

Education Partners

You might think of these companies as "sponsors" but to us they're so much more.

Their support helps us make UserConf as awesome as possible but it's their expertise that we think is invaluable. Not just any company can be an Education Partner. We've curated the best vendors in their respective verticals so UserConf attendees have access to learn about the latest and greatest technology to make their jobs easier.

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